vendredi 31 décembre 2010

New Volfoniq release on LCL : "Money no Mystic" (Reggae Dancehall)


[LCL23] V.A. : "Money no mystic"
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) december 2010
CC by-nc-nd license


1. Au royaume de la monnaie (feat. Unity vibration)
2. Manifesto (feat. Bankil)
3. Digital system (feat. Garafe firm)


"More than one year after its initial release, Volfoniq's "Mystic riddim" comes back from a worldwide travel with new talented featurings from France, Mexico and Germany."
LCL - december 2010

" My feeling , inspiration and reason is the people of my country, exactly from Chiapas Mexico (EZLN), because they are warriors in a material ,fascist and globalized society, so I am telling in my songs about my experience and what I saw in my life. The music is like a instrument to make a connection with the people in the world, and try to leave a message for the next generations... "
Bankil - december 2010


Unity Vibration :
Bankil :
Garage Firm :


Get this release and lots of others for free and legal on LCL (LibreCommeLair) netlabel website !
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lundi 29 novembre 2010

Feedback from Telerama Dub Festival 2010 (video)

A great event with smooth people in a friendly mood, that's what I got from the Telerama Dub Festival last week-end !

Big up to the people in the place that really got into my liveset, we had an sort of communion I enjoyed a lot.
I got this nice video from Mr34Dubwise on youtube if you want to get a peep :

The track I play is one from my upcoming album to be out spring 2011 so it's a surprise preview ! It's featuring : Benjamin Leska (Denmark) on the Organ, Tribuman (France) on the trumpet, and Control Tower (France) on the trombone.

We should make a medley-teaser of this live set to introduce the album, so stay tuned on the usual channels ;)



dimanche 28 novembre 2010

Some nice Volfoniq remix(ed) in LCL composition contest !

Hey everybody,

Some time ago, I put several of my track sources on LibreCommeLair (LCL, my "home" label) free sound bank (check here : )

There are already some nice reworks that come from various countries, so I'd like to share them with you....

- The latest was from Tony Dubshot, a dub producer from the Lowlands, based on my Drumsong version :

Drumsong riddim dubshot's boombastic redub (By Tony Dubshot - Lowlands) by La boite a sons

- A few weeks earlier, there was a rework of "Mystic Riddim" by Uffe from Sweden :

Henri Martin Affair (by Uffe - Sweden) by La boite a sons

- From a south american producer named "Caballo" came this funny version of "Skango" :

Skango remix (by Caballo & The Mothafu Kings - Canada) by La boite a sons

- And last but not least, three sung versions of "Mystic Riddim" straight from Jamaica by Money Pallet, Jah Henchman and Triple D :

Live much longer (by Money Pallet - Jamaica) by La boite a sons

Real Avatar (by Jah Henchman - Jamaica) by La boite a sons

Live to raze again (by Triple D - Jamaica) by La boite a sons

Hope you enjoyed the travel ! If you feel like bowsing the free sound bank and produce track, you still have until december the 31st to submit your work. Learn everything here :

That should be enough to make you wait until next week : I'll release a new 3 tracks EP riddiming on the Mystic Riddim with great featurings from France, Mexico and Germany. Stay tuned on LibreCommeLair !

mercredi 24 novembre 2010

This friday @ Telerama Dub Festival : Dreadzone / Jahcoozi / Volfoniq

26/11/2010, Montpellier (FR), 20h00
Plus d'infos (french)

lundi 15 novembre 2010

Volfoniq official Facebook page

This was to happen... a Volfoniq Facebook fanpage !

Volfoniq on Facebook

Due to recurrent demand from people using Facebook, I opened this page to add an extra communication channel. It's a way for me to go on meeting music producers & lovers, and share my music widely.

Join and you'll get before-everybody-else information about my current works and future projects, recommendation about cool musicians and more. Feel free to drop me a line !



jeudi 16 septembre 2010

Volfoniq @ Telerama Dub Festival (26 novembre)

Volfoniq est invité par le Telerama Dub Festival pour son étape Montpelliéraine :
Vendredi 26 novembre
Salle Victoire2 (Tram ligne 2)
Mas de Grille, 34430 St Jean de Vedas

Line up :
- Dreadzone (Angleterre)
- Jahcoozi (Allemagne)
- Volfoniq (France)

Au plaisir de vous y rencontrer !

vendredi 3 septembre 2010

Volfoniq & Tribuman meet Meph ! (limited time free download)

Check out this nice remix made by Meph from the now classic "Love not monnaie" (Volfoniq feat. Tribuman, out on LibreCommeLair - LCL16)

This track was done by fusioning "Mystic Riddim" & "Crisis Riddim"

Check on soundcloud for free download :
(limited to the 100 first people)

Tribuman & Volfoniq - Love not monnaie [Meph Remix] by Selectah Meph

lundi 17 mai 2010

Volfoniq pre-selected for the "Telerama Wizzz Festival"

Volfoniq is honored to be featured as today selection for the "Telerama Wizzz Festival". Thanks for the support !

[Français] Volfoniq est honoré d'être la sélection du jour pour le "Telerama Wizzz Festival". Merci pour le soutien !

mardi 20 avril 2010

Volfoniq on "Dub Tentacles Vol. 2" compilation

Volfoniq got featured on Fresh Poulp's "Dub Tentacles Vol.2" compilation, allong with cool dub artists from France and the rest of the world (China, Greece, Belgium, Spain & Argentina).
The track is an exclusive dubplate of the previously released "Skango" (on LCL dub netlabel)

Check the player and download the whole release here (CC License)

01. Hotdrop – Should I (feat. Carlos Alonso)
02. Volfoniq – Skango dos (feat. Federico de Gennaro)
03. Crucial Alphonso – New Generation Steppers feat. Missing Link
04. Jiang Liang meets Jerry Coox – Pure Asian Dub
05. Shadowman – Mind Damages
06. Jean Paul Dub – Holidays In Vaticaen
07. Panda Dub – First Meet (feat. Youyou)
08. K-Sänn Dub System – Sensoriel Dub Rmx Poulp
09. U-Stone – Darkside Of My Soul
10. Warbass Live Dub – Grim Dub
11. No Name Dub – Dubolution
12. Barbes.D Meets Sammy Gold – A True Rastaman Dub
13. Vlastur – Interaction Dub (Megadrop RMX)

mardi 13 avril 2010

Exclusive Volfoniq Dubplate for "Around The World in Dubs" FM show

Volfoniq is honoured to be part of the 4th annual "Around the World in Dubs" special ! For this occasion I prepared a special dubplate in collaboration with mexico-german vocalist Bankil Vrata, big up International vibe ! (the final version of this collaboration is to be out later this year on LCL dub netlabel)

This year special will air on WLUW-FM (88.7) in Chicago and be streamed live at: this coming Friday 4/16 from 2:00 - 4:00 a.m. US Central time (8am to 10am GMT).

The show will be hosted by Terry C. (aka TurnTableTerrorist) and joining him will be Dr. StrangeDub (from KFAI-FM in Minneapolis). Here's an overview of the countries you'll visit thru this show : Thailand, Korea, Argentina, Scotland, Australia, Spain, USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, France, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, England, Jamaica, Lithuania, Russia, Brazil, Canada, China, Sweden....

Don't miss this annual moment of intense travel in dub, 2 hours of pure happiness for your ears and mind...

The show will be re-aired on KFAI FM (Mineapolis) later in april, and also be available as a podcast.

Picture credits : CC by-nc from Prescott

vendredi 26 février 2010

Disrupt / Dub4 / SoomT / Mc Taiwan / Lion Roots / Volfoniq @ Southern Dub Convention (05 mar. 2010 - FR)

Pour sa 9e édition, la Southern Dub Convention invite le producteur de dub allemand Disrupt (co-fondateur avec Rootah du label "Jahtari") en live act avec la Mc écossaise à l'énergie débordante SoomT venue d'écosse, Dub4 & Mc Taiwan de "Cool & Deadly" (Paris), le producteur de dub français Volfoniq (LCL / Jahtari ) pour un Dj Set très spécial (pas de live cette fois ci!), et bien sûr le soundsystem résident Lion Roots accompagné de Shanti D. (proche collaborateur de Junior Cony)

For its 9th edition, the Southern Dub Convention invites german dub producer Disrupt (co-founder with Rootah of "Jahtari" Records) for a live act with the powerfull Mc SoomT from Scotland, Dub4 & Mc Taiwan from "Cool & Deadly" (Paris), french dub producer Volfoniq (LCL / Jahtari rec.) for a very special Dj Set (no live gig this time !), and of course resident Lion Roots soundsystem featuring the french singer Shanti D. (close collaborator of Junior Cony)

12/15 €
Salle Victoria
Parc de la Lauze - 411, rue Santos Dumont
Parc Marcel Dassault - 34430 St Jean de Védas

mercredi 17 février 2010

High Bass Levels festival 2 (flyer online)

The "Barefoot Mafia", organizers of the "Low end Carnival" in Greece, invite you to the 2nd edition of their winter festival : High Bass Levels !

Book a place in Vasilitsa Challet & Snowboard Park (Grevena - Greece), from february 19th to february 21st, and enjoy 3 days of snowride & heavy bass music in the mountains :)

Volfoniq will perform for the occasion a special liveset with some exclusive news tracks, and maybe more...

More info about the place :
Barefoot Mafia Myspace page :

mardi 9 février 2010

Volfoniq live @ High Bass Level festival (Greece)

The "Barefoot Mafia", organizers of the "Low end Carnival" in Greece, invite you to the 2nd edition of their winter festival : High Bass Level !

Book a place in Vasilitsa Challet & Snowboard Park (Grevena), from february 19th to february 21st, and enjoy 3 days of snowride & heavy bass music in the mountains :)

Volfoniq will perform for the occasion a special liveset with some exclusive news tracks...

More info about the place :
Barefoot Mafia Myspace page :