vendredi 11 septembre 2009

Volfoniq @ Netaudio Berlin festival

Volfoniq is proud to be part with many many great artists of the Netaudio Festival, in Berlin between 8th and 11th of october.

Lots of supernice things will happen during these days, including the netaudio fair, daytime events, lots of live gigs and Djays, performances... Click the flyer to learn everyting !

Volfoniq will be on the "Dub / Techdub / 8 bit" floor, saturday oct 10th @ Club Maria.

"From the 8th to the 11th of October 2009, Netaudio Berlin will be gathering the international netaudio community for a four-day music and conference festival in Berlin, under the title “East meets West”. 2009 will mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain. We recall pictures of hands reaching out to pull people from both sides up onto the Berlin wall. The event will take place at Maria, a venue situated immediately on the former Berlin ‘death strip’ once dividing the city and the world into eastern and western hemispheres..."

To give you an avant-gout, here is the full line up of this evening on this stage :
Disrupt (Germany)
Das Kraftfuttermischwerk (Germany)
Dubatech (Turkey)
Volfoniq (France)
Jerando (Germany)
Holger Flinsch (Germany)
Metastaz (France)

Marko Fürstenberg (Germany)
Havantepe (Turkey)

See you there ;)

Dub'in Sardinia !

Volfoniq is happy to be the guest of the Nootempo crew for a supernice party in Sardinia on
september the 26th.

Rendez-vous at the "Corto Maltese" (Cagliari, Sardinia) for "CASTEDDU DUB STATION"

On stage :
- Aruh
- Arrogalla (sardinian folk dub lofi)
- Bentesoi (sardinian electro triphop)
- Quilo (sardinian hiphop)
- Randagiu Sardu (sardinian ragga)
- Volfoniq (french electro ethno dub)
- Elektrika (visuals)

Free entrance ;)