jeudi 20 septembre 2012

Ernest remixes teaser !

If you are wanting to discover Ernest remixes before the release in october, here is the occasion !

Pre-listen to some of the tracks that will be featured in the compilation :

Ernest Remixes Teaser by Volfoniq

Thanks for the brilliant reworks to Buguinha Dub (Brazil), Tony Dubshot (Nederlands), mildtape (italy), Lata (Chile), Caballo (Canada), Jambassa (italy), DU3normal (Hungary), Lowknee (Greece), Ras Amerlock (USA) and Arrogalla (Sardinia) !
Mastering by Dubomatic studio, Italy

lundi 10 septembre 2012

Volfoniq Album "Ernest" is undergoing a worldwide remix process !

Volfoniq chosed 10 of his closest musical collaborators to rework several tracks from his album :
Buguinha Dub (Brazil), Alberto Caballero (Canada); LATA (Chile), Mildtape Dub (Italy), Jambassa (Italy), Tony Dubshot (Natherlands), Ras Amerlock (USA), Arrogalla (Sardinia), DU3normal (Hungary) and Lowknee (Greece)
The tunes are currently out for mastering, and should be released next month.

Stay tuned ! Meanwhile, why not get back on the original album while waitin for the remixes ?

VOLFONIQ : Ernest (2011 Album) by Volfoniq