lundi 29 novembre 2010

Feedback from Telerama Dub Festival 2010 (video)

A great event with smooth people in a friendly mood, that's what I got from the Telerama Dub Festival last week-end !

Big up to the people in the place that really got into my liveset, we had an sort of communion I enjoyed a lot.
I got this nice video from Mr34Dubwise on youtube if you want to get a peep :

The track I play is one from my upcoming album to be out spring 2011 so it's a surprise preview ! It's featuring : Benjamin Leska (Denmark) on the Organ, Tribuman (France) on the trumpet, and Control Tower (France) on the trombone.

We should make a medley-teaser of this live set to introduce the album, so stay tuned on the usual channels ;)



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